About Design Intentions

Miranda Cook is the CEO and driving force behind the boutique Australian graphic design firm Design Intentions and is available for freelance design and illustration projects.

A young designer with a natural talent, fresh ideas and perspectives, Miranda has a Diploma of Graphic Design and Business and a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. With over 10 years of experience with both an independent client base and working as an in-house designer for various design agencies, she has created many stunning graphics for her clients.

Design Intentions portfolio covers the gamut of graphic design and illustration from logos through to flyers, business cards, letterheads, banner ads, posters, magazine ads, clever collages to website graphic design.

Miranda has provided full business marketing materials for print, display and web publication as required.

When you hire Design Intensions as your graphic designer you can rest assured that your project will get the attention it deserves from beginning to end. Your work is not farmed out to juniors or off-shore firms.

Design Intensions graphic design services are a smart choice for:

  • Australian and Overseas small to medium business owners
  • Web designers requiring assistance with design aspects for their projects
  • Companies and individuals looking for gift presentation and custom graphics for special occassions and shows

Design Philosophy:

Located on the east coast of NSW, Design Intentions works with the belief that everything is possible. Taking the challenge on any specialty design and furthering every design solution. With the intention to provide a service to every client, local and global, with 110% satisfaction.

With new businesses starting everyday and Australia having the most small businesses per capita, logo design has never been so invaluable. A strong, well-presented logo will attract potential customers and sell your business. Design Intentions focus for every client's business is a successful logo and consistency in branding as a minimum for successful marketing.

"You can have a strong company, but with poor branding you may appear weak."